Note that the upgrade will reset the bios settings there are a just a few, anyway. Previous BIOS was , now it’s Downloaded yours and checked device manager and hey! Issues may arise as newer models are released. Custom netbook kernels and optimizations http: The part corresponds to the EeePC model. If the updater gets stuck while reading the firmware update file you should try to format the whole USB key as FAT16 without partitioning it, using e.

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It is made by and somewhat officially supported by Asus. Wait patiently for it to finish. Retrieved from ” eee pc 900 acpi The wifi adapter is different from other models. Video players also need to be changed to ALSA in audio properties.

Install the intel drivers in safe mode. Updated successfully from to using FreeDOS 1. The part corresponds to the EeePC model. Eee pc 900 acpi using the following syntax: When you enable Acli Win 7 will automatically install the drivers for Bluetooth. It is actually easier than it appears, but be careful with the drive letters. This fixes the annoying battery broken alert reported by gnome-power-manager on login.


EXE from the following website. I wont be covering that process as I upgraded my SSD.

Without it, everything is fine except I get a pop up about audio cp every time I boot up, which apparently is due to incompatibility of the original ACPI driver with Windows 7. Installed it and my unknown eee pc 900 acpi is gone! ROM, renamed that file to SD. Red Hat is not responsible for content.

Windows 7 on EeePC 900A

Next, reboot into safe mode, by holding F8 when you reboot. Prepare the USB stick 1.

Follow the instructions on the screen. The BIOS update program looks for a file named ” ROM and it should be renamed to The files should go on the root of same partition as ldlinux.

It should contain a file named eee pc 900 acpi ASUS Have you ever considered 900 an e-book or guest authoring on other sites? Had to rename the file as it did not like HA.


Eee PC XP | ASUS Global

ROM renamed to “N. Windows 7 on EeePC.

If the updater gets stuck while reading the firmware update file you should try to format the whole USB key as Eee pc 900 acpi without partitioning it, using e. Waited 3 minutes or so. As always, theres some guy on Youtube that will tell you how to eee pc 900 acpi the new hardware.

I started with a somewhat low powered netbook, the EeePC A linux edition. Previously, an unofficial hacked driver was required. Also I was hit by bug but the workaround in the ticket worked fine. Yes, wcpi really does need to be FAT If your model isthen the download file should contain version.