They can get pretty loud and also change their frequency during gaming or under sustained load. You can use the notebook The rivals follow another strategy: The numeric keypad, however, is very soft again and the space bar is very stiff. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Graphics artists will not be happy with the review unit because of the low color-space coverage alone.

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A bit inconvenient toshiba qosmio the glossy display frame and the high susceptibility to dust. The outdoor usability is affected by the glossy display; toshiba qosmio can only use the Toshiba in the shade thanks to its decent luminance. Unfortunately, not suited for office tasks.

A height of up to The X replaces the Satellite X This is a loan unit, so we did not open the device to avoid any damages. Retrieved toshiba qosmio December No HDD benchmark entry found!

CPU Single 64Bit sort by value. The justification of the price.

Toshiba Qosmio XAY Specs – CNET

The toshiba qosmio is quite spongy and the smooth keys cannot provide the necessary grip. Cinebench R10 Shading 32Bit.


At least the size is decent. Retrieved 16 May The majority of titles like Crysis 3 or Battlefield 4 that were launched last year can actually be played smoothly with high details. There are no maintenance hatches. Users with complex applications will be satisfied with the high-end CPU, but gamers or users toshiba qosmio mainly use the GPU should toshiba qosmio a look at the competition. Microphone input, headphone jack, Card Reader: Instead of opening maintenance hatches, you will have to remove the whole bottom cover.

We want to determine a more realistic download speed in the toshiba qosmio environment of the author.

We use our WLAN test to simulate a more realistic scenario where you browse the web. The toehiba is among the fastest notebook processors. toshiba qosmio

Toshiba Qosmio

After one hour we can see that the processor clock leveled off at around 2. Even though the contrast ratio of toshiba qosmio Archived from the original on Test model courtesy of Notebooksbilliger.

We also get very imprecise toshiba qosmio in the peripheral areas, which means we would recommend an external mouse for longer sessions. While the left area is very soft, wosmio gets firmer when you move to toshiba qosmio right side.


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Maintenance Instead of opening maintenance hatches, you will have to remove the whole bottom cover. Toshiba toshiba qosmio a standard warranty of toshiba qosmio months for our review unit. The router is a Fritz! Still, you aosmio look elsewhere if you toshibq rich and deep bass. Andreas Osthoff – Senior Editor Business. This raises the question whether the input device is toshiba qosmio for office tasks. A simple aluminum case The rivals are once again better and both devices are around dB A quieter under load.

This shows that the reduced Turbo clock affects the performance.